Sun Cabinet Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 to Manufacture and export quality
wooden furniture 
for home and office interiors. This includes very stylish 
matching sets for the living room, dining room and bedroom, predominantly in teak,
but also in other hard 
woods such as oak, natural cherry and  American walnut
according to customer taste.

As a company FSC certified, Sun Cabinet maintains high levels of quality control
throughout the production process at its factory in Nava Nakorn Industrial Park
in northern Bangkok .The factory is set up along European lines, equipped with
advance technology and machinery , including special kilns for drying the wood to
minimize shrinkage and warping, as well as the latest cutting  and shaping  tools.

Sun Cabinet employs Danish and Dutch designers to create attractive European 
style furniture for both classic and contemporary collections. Experienced Thai
craftsmen use their Skills to turn these design into premium quality furniture for
export to North America, Europe and Asia, as well as many other markers.

Only the finest grade imported solid wood and veneers teak, oak, natural cherry
and American walnut are used in the production process to maintain the high      
international standards Sun Cabinet sets for its furniture. Environmental concerns  
are also taken into account ,with chain of custody certification for all imported timber.